35 arrested in large-scale drug trafficking rings around Oak Ridge

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CLINTON (WATE) – District Attorney General Dave Clark announced Monday that 35 people have been arrested in a multi-county criminal investigation that spanned several years.

A grand jury returned 119 indictments against 35 people in what District Attorney Clark said was a large-scale cocaine trafficking group. He said these are “major drug dealers,” and charges include everything from possessing more than 300 grams of cocaine to producing cocaine in a school zone.

All arrests except one involve charges of selling cocaine with 1,000 feet of a school zone. Schools include Oak Ridge High School and Linden Elementary School. Clark said if someone is found guilty of selling within a school zone, they must serve 100 percent of their time. He said he also plans to try to get a gang enhancement, since several of the individuals arrested may have gang ties.

Clark said several aspects of the investigation are unprecedented for the area. “It’s been a while since we’ve seen a drug trafficking organization like this in this area,” he said.

Oak Ridge Police Chief James Akagi said they had six arrest teams including around 80 personnel.

Clark says some of those arrested are suspected to be in gangs but wouldn’t elaborate.  The investigation started in 2012. So far more than a dozen guns have been seized along with 18 vehicles, narcotics and tens of thousands of dollars in cash.  The Oak Ridge police chief calls the operation a success.

“Oak Ridge has the same amount of drug problems as every other community the difference with this operation is we’ve got a solution,” said Chief Jim Akagi.

Law enforcement would not go into detail about the new techniques used in this investigation. They do expect even more arrests to be made surrounding cocaine trafficking in and around oak ridge.

The 32 defendants arrested at this point will be arraigned on May 23 in Anderson County court. The defendants face Class A felonies which carry a punishment of 15 to 25 years if convicted.


Conspiracy 1

  • Jermichael Howard, 20 charges
  • Shannon Porter, 12 charges
  • Torey Yancy, 12 charges
  • Edward Mitchell, 23 charges
  • Patrick Crowley, 11 charges
  • James Mitchell, 8 charges
  • Chris Wooden, 9
  • Christopher Black, 31 charges
  • Jermaine Stovall, 8 charges
  • Ralph Sanders, 9 charges
  • Jasmine Crowley, 9 charges
  • Marvel Carpenter, 10 charges
  • Joe Howard 9 charges
  • Bianca Taylor 8 charges
  • Jerri Mitchell, 8 charges
  • Deonte Bates, 10 charges
  • Donnie Staples, 11 charges
  • Julia Hatcher, 9 charges
  • Tyler Gulley, 8 charges
  • Malain Mitchell, 8 charges
  • Bryan Sellers 9 charges

[3 persons outstanding]

Conspiracy 2

  • Deangelo Galbreath, 8 charges
  • Jordan Jones, 24 charges
  • Christopher Black, 8 charges
  • Ralph Sanders, 16 charges
  • LaQuan Barber, 9 chargegs
  • Alfred Jones, 8 charges
  • Derrick Anthony, 12 charges
  • Ellen Sanders, 11 charges
  • Nick Mitchell, 10 charges
  • Sarah Cupp, 8 charges
  • Efia Hull, 8 charges

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